"Carly has been my trusted assistant since 2014. She assists me with business and domestic responsibilities and travel. She has helped me to relocate four times (twice to different states)! She has also accompanied me on a trip to Costa Rica and Vermont. She also assists virtually with photos, listings, emails, etcetera from my online vintage clothing business." --- S. Gross, St. Petersburg, FL

 I found Carly to be a wonderful, soothing presence in my home. She never judges. I felt supported and assisted--she really is kind of an angel. After we organized my study, I found new flow in my work.... a bunch of really good things happened right after we threw away all the unnecessary papers. I believe she brings amazing energy to her work. Transformative! --- Dr. H. Sellers, professor and author, St. Petersburg. FL

"Carly worked in my home as a personal assistant for over a year until moving. She came in with a great sense of responsibility and desire to be in a position of assistance with follow through and professionalism. She is timely, orderly, focused, and interested in learning and expanding her already wide range of skills.  From web assistance and marketing to cooking delicious meals, handling errands, and helping with the care of two large dogs, Carly has proven herself many times to be a capable and trustworthy personal assistant. I feel blessed to have her assistance." ---J. Robinson, NC

"As I embarked on a huge life-changing event, moving from my home of 36 years to a new home, I enlisted Carly to help me organize and prepare. She did so much more! Carly became not only my assistant but also my friend. She helped me organize my house, and took the pressure off of me having to keep up with so many details. She created lists of what needed to be done, and then followed through with the completion of each one. When the big day finally arrived and I was moving into my new home, Carly was there to help me organize everything into the new space and took extra time to ensure I was settled in and ready to move into this next chapter of my life. I adore Carly and give two very high thumbs up to the work she does!" --M. Ball, NC 

"Six weeks after my husband, of 36 years, passed, I was struggling with the budget and the bills. I had no experience whatsoever, as my husband dealt with all of it throughout our marriage. When Carly offered her help I didn't think it was possible to do. My desk was covered with piles of bills, letters, and envelopes not yet opened. She took the piles of papers and went through them with complete confidence, calling banks, utility companies, credit card companies, health and car insurance companies, and other business people, calmly introducing herself and explaining the situation, as I was just not able to cope with any of it. She set up auto-pays online so that I could cut back on the paper clutter and not have to worry about missing a due date. She created a spreadsheet of my bills and income, a budget for me to refer to, to keep control of my spending. By the time she finished the task (in 3 short visits) I was able to see the light. I am so grateful and amazed with Carly’s ability to deal with a crisis situation. Thank you, Carly!" ---M. Thomas, NC

"I was so lucky to find Carly when I did! I was initially just looking for someone to help me with my basic household needs, but I was happy to find that her skills reached above and beyond.  She was able to help me with almost anything I needed ranging from cooking, errands, cleaning, taking care of pets, making copy for ads, helping with my vacation rental, organizing, and more. She also became a friend as she is one of the genuinely nicest people I know.  To me, it is important to have someone I like and trust around, and Carly is that person!" 
---Dr. Bahnson, Grassy Branch Farm & Vacation Rentals, NC

Carly is a multi-dimensional professional who can offer several valuable skill sets ranging from personal assisting to experienced, business savvy marketing. 

---John K., Greenville, SC

About Me


​The Ideal Assistant



Saint Petersburg, Florida

 What it takes to be an ideal assistant:

Honesty - Integrity - Knowledge - Adaptability 

Conscientiousness - Loyalty - Dependability -  Compassion Respect - Patience - Cooperation - Efficiency - Focus 

Creativity - Common sense - Punctuality- Student mentality 

Desire to serve our human family

My varied work experience, upbringing, and personal value system are what make me an ideal assistant. I have excellent work ethics, a calming personality, high IQ and EQ, patience, and the ability to focus and stay on task until a job is done.

Being a minimalist is extremely helpful when it comes to being a professional organizer, and it's one of my favorite things to do! My clients always tell me how liberating it is to have help getting organized and clutter-free and how grateful they are that they didn't have to face the overwhelming task alone. 

I pride myself on always being honest and trustworthy. Since I was a teenager people have entrusted me with their children, pets, homes, codes, keys, cars, credit cards, and cash.

I have several years experience as a personal assistant, organizer, and a background in marketing and media (writer, photographer, editor, administrative assistant).

My grandmother was my inspiration and greatest teacher when it came to learning respect, manners, nurturing, and making a house a home, which has made me a "domestic goddess".

My clients appreciate my variety of skills and knowledge and their gratitude means everything to me. I have excellent local and current references.

As a conscious steward of this planet, I use organic, eco-friendly, and local resources whenever possible. 


I look forward to meeting you and helping to take the pressure off by tackling that to do list quickly and efficiently.